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  • Victoria Potter

Time is our most precious commodity

In a world where we have everything we could possibly want at the literal touch of a button, is it surprising that we find ourselves busier than ever before?


We all know the feeling of having too much to do and not enough time. The feeling that you’re drowning under your ever-growing list of “to dos”. There may well be an easy solution, but you haven’t got the time to find it, never mind use it.


Time is the most precious commodity we have. When it’s spent, it’s gone forever. Yet we’re still far too careless with how we spend it. 


So, the question becomes, what do you want to spend your time doing…and what do you not.


The emergence of Virtual Assistants (VAs) long pre-dates the Covid pandemic that (perhaps irrevocably) has changed how we live our lives.


A good VA will gift you back the time spent struggling with admin that gives you little joy, to spend doing more of what of you love and is important.


A great VA will make you feel like you’re their only client.


Small businesses. Entrepreneurs. Corporate Tycoons. Full time carers and Parents. Everyone can benefit, however large or small your need.


You could delegate your work diary and inbox, have help with invoicing clients, assistance with managing & prioritising incoming business requests, project support, client management, making dinner reservations, help with organising personal appointments and other time-consuming tasks. 


However, you can also outsource all those longer-term promises that haunt the bottom of your do list, like finally organising your next holiday, booking a much needed spa day or tracking down that perfect gift.


Victoria Potter VPA was designed with you in mind. Someone incredibly capable, but who would benefit from outsourcing as much as possible, to free yourself to prioritise what you care about most.


With time being so precious, this is an investment you cannot afford not to make!


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