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Our Services.


In partnership with you, we prioritise a smooth transition and consistent communication for seamless service integration. Regular check-ins ensure our assistance aligns with your needs, providing an opportunity for feedback and adjustments to maintain precision and perfection in our services.

Recognising the dynamic nature of personal and business life, our services are highly adaptable. We’re committed to adjusting our support as your requirements evolve, offering flexibility to handle changing demands and ensuring continuous, relevant, and high-quality assistance.


Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity.

Initial Consultation

Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a free consultation.

Plan Creation

We will develop a tailored plan suited to your specific requirements.


Begin receiving efficient, customised assistance.

We offer both retainer packages as well as bespoke arrangements, which allow us to find the right solution for you & your business.  

All Executive Assistant & Virtual Assistant packages are charged at the same rate of £40 an hour (excl. VAT).

All Online Business Support is charged at £45 an hour (excl. VAT).

Looking for something specific?

At Victoria Potter VPA Ltd we have an army of Associates who all specialise in different areas, meaning we have the right professional for your every need.

We can help with everything from data entry, Executive Assistant support,  online business management,  social media marketing and event management.

Our priority is ensuring our clients have the right VA to complete every project to the highest standard.  

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